Our staff have over 40 years industry experience
We work in all markets around the globe

Our Company

ONE Management Group and Consulting was founded in 2006 through a chance meeting by the Founder and an Australian Sports Icon. The purpose then and now is to make a difference through caring about our clients as people, not just sports people or entertainers.   The care comes from building trust and mutual respect, providing well thought out and informed advice, unconditional support and offering a range of services that allow our clients to be the best they can be both personally and professionally. 

Our Vision

Our Ambition

Our vision at One Management Group & Consulting is: “To be recognised as an industry leader with reach in Australia, Asia and the United States”

Why We Exist

One Management Group & Consulting’s mission is: “To support each of our clients with the best advice and support allowing them to meet their goals”

Our values

One Management Group & Consulting believes in a values based culture which drives everything we do and aspire to be. We live by the following values:

HONESTY: With each other and all of our existing and prospective clients
INTEGRITY: Dealing with people in a meaningful and respectful way
OPENNESS: to ideas, people, change, industry best practice & innovation

Our team


Bruce Kaider is an entrepreneur and respected sports agent based in Melbourne, Australia.

His passion for sport, business and helping people achieve their personal goals is the driving force behind his business philosophy. He is the Founder and Managing Director of One Management Group & Consulting (OMGC) which was formed in 2006. The business proudly represents over 40 high profile Australian and international clients in a myriad of disciplines. Bruce not only negotiates his clients contracts, but puts into motion a specific strategy to maximise their earning potential through investments, ongoing education, media and sponsorship. Bruce is also the Founder and Director of boutique private wealth business, One Private Wealth and a Director of WMMG, a Sports and Entertainment Marketing Agency based in Los Angeles.


Mary Smirnis has worked in the sports and entertainment industry for over 15 years providing continual administrative support.

Mary has worked for Bruce Kaider for over 10 years working within the sports and entertainment industry. She commenced her sports marketing career at the Western Bulldogs AFL team working within the Communications and Sponsorship team prior to taking on the role as Administrative support at OMGC.

Mary has a Degree in Sport Science and an Advanced Diploma in Business, majoring in Public Relations.

Our Services

Talent Management

Our Talent Management Division represents clients in a range of disciplines including Australian Rules Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Rugby, the Media, and Olympics.


We have been advising businesses for over 10 years in a range of areas including marketing, brand strategy, sponsorship, public relations, business development, international expansion and raising capital.


We have created a range of events featuring many of our clients and have also established a number of events specifically for Australian businesses both small and large.

Media & Public Relations

Working closely with our extensive media contacts, we help create a focused approach to promoting companies or individuals via editorial coverage.

Wealth Management

ONE Private Wealth is an Australia company based in Melbourne with a global perspective, innovative approach and strategic insight to the world of Finance.

Content Creation

WMMG is a Sports and Entertainment Marketing Agency based in Los Angeles with a presence in Australia through its office in Melbourne.

Speakers Bureau

Our clients are some of the most successful within their respective industries. Through their successes and failures they have learnt many skills that can be transferred to business and life.

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